New Developments in Ion Exchange


New Developments in Ion Exchange



フルタイトル: New Developments in Ion Exchange -- Materials, Fundamentals, and Applications
Proceedings of the International Conference on Ion Exchange, ICIE '91, Tokyo, Japan, October 2--4, 1991

イオン交換の基礎科学から応用までを集大成。イオン交換体の開発、クロマトグラフ、水処理、膜分離、環境科学など基礎科学と応用技術を世界の第一線の研究者、技術者が解説、世界初の国際会議の講演集。海外提携先:Elsevier B.V.


1. Fundamentals

・ Dissolution Process of Portland Cement Powder in Aqueous Suspension Containing Ion Exchange Resin
・ Kinetic Model for Selective Ion Exchangers
・ Ion Exchange Kinetics─The Maxwell-Stefan Description
・ The Hogfeldt Three-Parameter Model. A Useful Approach for Summarizing Data in Ion Exchange
・ Ion Exchange with Swelling
・ Study on Adsorption Equilibrium of Sorbic Acid from Dilute Solution by TRPO Extracting Resin
・ Spectroscopic Observations on the Features of Complex Formation in the Ion-Exchanger Phase
・ The Selectivity of Ion Exchange Resins for Quaternary Ammonium Surfactants
・ Adsorption of BSA on Strong-Base (QAE) Dextran-type Ion Exchanger
・ Novel Swelling Mica : Synthesis, Characterization and Cation Exchange
・ Host-Guest Chemistry and Catalytic Properties of Intercalated Metal Complexes on Clays
・ Isotopic Exchange Rate of Sodium Ions between Hydrous Metal Oxides and Aqueous Solutions
・ Hydrophobic and Hydrophilic Properties of Novel Synthesized Adsorbents
・ Potentiometric Behaviour of Ion Exchange Resins
・ Characterization of Redox Polymers Based on Tetrazolium Salts and Formazans
・ Thermodynamic Study of the Cation Exchanges of Sc, Ce and Th with H Ions in Variously Crosslinked Dowex-50W Resins in Aqueous Medium
・ Surface Characteristics of Hydrous Oxides and Their Effect on Their Ion Exchange Behaviour
・ Effects of Anionic Polyelectrolytes in Water on Kinetics of Ion Exchange Resins
・ Ion Exchange Properties of Li Ion Conducting Materials, LiTi2(PO4)3 and Li1.3Ti1.7Al0.3(PO4)3
・ Intraparticle Diffusion of Rare Earths in Porous Ion Exchanger Rounding by EDTA Solution
・ Studies on Adsorption Site in Ion Exchanger

2. Synthesis of New Materials

・ New Ion Exchange Materials : Their Synthesis, Structure and Ion Exchange Properties
・ Ion Exchange Behaviour of Some Amine lntercalates of alpha-Tin(IV) Hydrogen Phosphate Monohydrate
・ Metal Ion-Exchanged Layer Lattice Silicate as an Immobilized Oxidation Catalyst
・ The Importance of Cubic Ammonium Molybdate as Cation Exchanger -- Peculiar Ion Exchange Reactions
・ Intercalation Behaviour of Some Organic Bases in Zirconium Phosphate Crystallites
・ Hydrolysis and Trace Ca2+ Exchange in Zeolites NaX and NaY
・ Cation-Exchange Properties of beta-Gallate Crystal
・ Ion Exchange and Sorption Properties of Hydrous Oxides
・ Preparation and Application of Macroreticular N-Methyl pyridinium Resin Cross-Linked with Ethylene Glycol Dimethacrylate
・ Porous Spherical Resins Loaded with Hydrous Metal Oxides -- Preparation and the Ion Exchange Properties
・ Preparation and Application of Water-Insoluble Bagasse Xanthate
・ Main Features of Hydrous Oxides as Ion Exchangers
・ Synthesis and Adsorption Properties of a Chitosan Derivative for Metal Ions
・ Phosphates and Phosphonates of Tetravalent Metals as Ion Exchangers, Intercalating Agents and Molecular Sieves
・ Kinetics of Exchange on Hydrous Tin Oxide
・ Photo-Induced Hydrogen Evolution over Ion-Exchangeable Layered Perovskite Type Niobate
・ Intercalation Behaviour of Pyridine Derivatives in Clays
・ Intercalation and Bilayer Formation of Phospholipids in gamma-Type Layered Transition Metal(IV) Phosphates
・ Intercalation of Bipyridyl Complexes into the Interlayer of K4Nb6O17
・ Intercalation of Organoammonium Ions into Montmorillonite by Solid-State Ion Exchange Reactions
・ Intercalation Chemistry ot Layered Bismuth Molybdenum Oxide Hydrate
・ Synthesis of Alkali-Metal-beta-Gallate Crystals by Flux Method
・ Ion Exchange of HTaWO6・nH2O with Divalent Cations
・ Ion Exchange Properties of Silica-Containing Mixed-Oxide Gels

3. Chromatography

・ Ion Exchange Separations in Mixed Aqueous -- Organic Solvent Media (Present Status and Future Trends)
・ A General Theory of Ion Exchange Chromatographic Separation Processes
・ Application of the Surface Complex Formation Model to the Prediction of Ion Exchange Column Behaviour
・ Anion Exchange Chromatography of Ultraviolet -- Absorbing Compounds in Body Fluids
・ Isotope Separation by Ion Exchange Electromigration
・ Basic Data of Ion Exchange Separation of Boron Isotopes
・ Ion Exchange Isotope Separation Factors of Alkali and Alkaline Earth Metals
・ High Performance Liquid Chromatography of Inorganic Anions: Use of Multi Wavelength Detector as Analytical Method

4. Water Purifications

・ Ion Exchange Processes for the Production of Water for the Semiconductor Industry
・ Ionpure CDI Electrodeionization Systems : New Product and Process Developments for High Purity Water Production
・ Ion-Exchange for Condensate Purification
・ Removal of Dilute Silicate by Ion Exchange Method -- Adsorption Equilibrium Relation of Silicate and an OH-type Resin
・ Ion Exchange Preconcentration of Ions from Aqueous Samples by Multistage Equilibration Technique
・ Disinfection of Bacteria Cells in River Water by an Electrodialysis System with Ion-Exchange Membranes
・ Bactericidal Effect of an Ion-Exchange Membrane Electrodialysis System on E. coli Cells in Water

5. Environmental

・ Adsorption of Phosphate Ion on Fiber-Supported Zirconium Oxide
・ Removal of Toxic Ions by Calcium Carbonates as Lattice Ion Ion-Exchangers
・ Ion Exchange Characteristics of Decontaminating Formulations as Suited to Nuclear Reactors
・ Chromatographic Peaking of Toxic Contaminants During Water Treatment by Ion Exchange
・ Spectrophotometric Application of Ion Exchanger -- Flow Analysis of Chromium(VI) in Natural Waters by Ion-Exchanger Phase Absorptiometry
・ Cr(III) Recovery and Separation from Spent Tannery Baths by Carboxylic Ion Exchange Resins
・ Modification of Anion-Exchange Resin with Terfunctional Reagents : Determination of Trace Amounts of Heavy Metal Ions by Graphite-Furnace Atomic Absorption Spectrometry with a Direct Heating of Resin Modified with Dithizone Sulfonate or Other Thiols
・ Downstream Processing in Biotechnology -- Application of Electrodialysis for Demineralization of Fermentation Broths
・ Removal of Toxic Ions by Apatites as a Lattice Ion Ion-Exchanger
・ Ion Exchange Properties of Copper with Sodium on ZSM-5 Zeolite and Application of Resulting Cu-ZSM-5 as NO Decomposition Catalyst
・ Applications of Synthetic Inorganic Ion Exchangers in Environmental Analysis
・ Removal Kinetics of Phosphorous and Hypophosphorous Ions by a Volcanic Ash Ion-Exchanger (Y-2)

6. Membrane

・ Physicochemical Properties of Water in Amphoteric Ion Exchange Membrane
・ Scale-up of Dialytic Battery Using Ion-Exchange Membranes
・ Modification of Hollow Fibers by Impregnation and Radiation
・ Water Dissociation in Ion Exchange Membrane Electrodialysis
・ Separating and Enriching Metal Ions by Electrodialysis─The Application of Coordination Compounds to Separation Process
・ Transport Processes in Ion Exchange Membranes : An Irreversible Thermodynamic Comparison of Ion and Water Transport in Membranes and Ionic Solution
・ Ion Separation by Reverse Osmosis with Mono- and Bipolar Membranes
・ Sorption Equilibria and Diffusion of Amino Acids in a Cation-Exchange Membrane
・ Uphill and Selective Transport of Uranyl Ions Through Cation or Anion Exchange Membranes
・ Preparation of Ion-Exchange Thin Films by Plasma Polymerization
・ Ion Mobility and Effective Charge Density in the Charged Polymer Gel Membrane
・ Kinetics of Sorption of 7-Amino-4-Methyl Coumarin (C-120) Laser Dye by Some Uni- and Divalent Ionic Forms of Perfluorosulphonate Ion Exchange Membrane(NAFION-117)
・ A Donnan Concept on the Counterion Binding in Polyelectrolyte (Linear and Cross-Linked) Systems
・ Solid Polymer Electrolyte Water Electrolysis Using an OH-Ion Conductive Membrane─Effects of Surface Roughening of the Membrane on the Electrolytic Performances

7. Hydrometallurgy

・ Fibrous Ion Exchangers : New Materials for Hydrometallurgy
・ Lithium Ion Adsorptive Properties of Spinel-type Manganese Oxide Obtained from MnOOH and Li2CO3
・ A Lithium Ion-Specific Sieve for Geothermal Bore Water
・ Application of Inorganic Ion Exchangers in Selective Concentration and Recovery of Metal Ions
・ Ion-Exchange Equilibrium of Uranium Ions Between Crystalline Dihydrogen Tetratitanate Hydrate Fibers and Aqueous Solutions
・ Adsorption of Metal Ions on Chitosan and its Derivatives
・ Spherically-formed Fibers with Amidoxime Groups for the Recovery of Uranium from Seawater
・ Boron Adsorption on Hydrous Cerium Oxide in Hydrothermal Conditions

8. Separation Science and Technology

・ Chelating Polymers with Nitrogen Donor Atoms : Some Unique Properties and Related Application Potentials
・ Preparation and Application of Chelating Resins for Separation of Rare Earth Elements
・ Nonequilibrium Multicomponent Ion Exchange Column Dynamics
・ Novel Packing Materials for Chromatographic Separation of Proteins
・ Chemical Uranium Enrichment with Ion Exchanger
・ Properties and Multipurpose Use of Chelating Resins with OLIGO (ethyleneamine) Moieties in Water Treatment
・ Use of Anion-Exchange Cellulose for Process-Scale Protein Separation
・ Fixation of Palladium on Various Insoluble Hexacyanoferrates II and III
・ Exchange Property of Titanium (IV) and Zirconium (IV) Oxides Grafted on Silica Gel Surface. Sorption of Chromium (VI) from an Acid Solution
・ Lithium Isotope Effects Observed between Aqueous Solution and Specific Adsorbent of Lithium
・ Studies on Electrical Conductivity of Resinous Phase for Boric Acid Sorption on Weak-Base Anion Exchange Resin
・ Use of Cellulose Phosphate for Selective Adsorption of Metal Ions
・ Ion-Exchange Selectivity for Alkali Metal Ions on K Ion Memory Exchanger
・ The Simulation of Continuous Counter-Current Ion Exchange Process