Trends in Animal Cell Culture Technology


Trends in Animal Cell Culture Technology





・ The Status of Some Current Problems in Animal Cell Biotechnology
・ Application of Large Scale Perfusion Culture to Production of Biopharmaceuticals
・ Mammalian Cell Culture in High Cell Concentration by Gas Sparging and Defoaming
・ Production of Recombinant Proteins Using High Density Culture of Namalwa Cells Adapted to Serum-Free Media
・ Improved Scale-Up Potential for Hollow Fiber Cell Culture
・ Effect of Fiber Pore Size on Performance of Cells in Hollow Fiber Bioreactors
・ Growth of Cells on Macroporous Microcarriers
・ Large Scale Production of Proteins by Mammalian Cells Immobilized on a Ceramic Matrix
・ Development of a Series of Versatile Serum-Free Media Formulations
・ Development of an Autoclavable Serum-Free Medium
・ Economic Aspects of Medium Recycling
・ Serum-Free, Chemically Defined Medium is Important to Investigate the Growth, Development and Function of Neonatal Rat Cardiac Myocytes in Culture
・ Recombinant Insulin-Growth Factor 1 Substitutes for Insulin in Serum-Free Cultures of CHO Cells
・ Continual Growth of Two Newly Established Human Hepatoma Cell Lines Basal Media Supplemented with No Further Exogenous Growth Ingredients
・ Serum-Free Antibody Production in Different Cell Culture Systems in Respect to Downstream processing
・ Establishment of Parent Cells for Production of Human-Human Hybridomas Secreting IgG
・ Serum-Free Culture of a Human Macrophage-Like Cell Line Derived from a Human Histiocytic Lymphoma
・ Growth and Antibody Production of Hybridoma Cells Exposed to Hyperosmotic Stress
・ Growth Inhibition of Hybridoma Cells Affected by NH4+ at Different Levels of Cell Concentration
・ Effects of Lactate Concentration on Hybridoma Cell Culture in the Fed-Batch Operation
・ Establishment of Serum- and Glutamine-Free Namalwa Cell Lines by Adaptation
・ Purification and Characterization of Recombinant Human Erythropoietin Expressed in Human Cervix Carcinoma Hela Cells
・ Design Considerations for Large Scale Animal Cell Protein Production Systems
・ Retention of Animal Cells in a Rotating Wire-Cage Bioreactor : a Mechanistic Study
・ Intercalated-Spiral Alternate-Dead-Ended Hollow Fiber Bioreactor for Mammalian Cell Cultures
・ New Dialysis Bioreactor for Animal Cell Culture
・ Production of HBs Monoclonal Antibody by Perfusion Culture in Membrane Reactor
・ Electrically Controlled Culture of Animal Cells
・ Recombinant Human Erythropoietin and its Receptor
・ Characterization and Biological Properties of Recombinant tPA Produced in Drosophila Cell Culture
・ Accumulation of 125I-Labelled Human Monoclonal Antibody (HB4C5) , Specific to Lung Cancer, into Transplanted Human Lung Cancer in Nude Mouse
・ Stable Mouse/Human-Human Hybridomas Producing High Tetanus Toxin-Neutralizing Human Monoclonal Antibodies Suitable for Large Scale Production
・ Production of Protective Human Monoclonal Antibodies
・ Large Scale Preparation of Recombinant Human Renin Expressed in CHO Cells
・ Characterization of Recombinant Human Interleukin 5 Expressed in Chinese Hamster Ovary Cells
・ Anti-Human Growth Hormone Monoclonal Antibodies and its Application to a Highly Sensitive Assay Kit
・ Production of Cell Attachment Factors from Serum-Free Cultured Human Hepatoblastoma Cells and Hamster Lung Cells with High Cell Density
・ Proteindesign with the Human Interferon Gamma(IFN-gamma)
・ Antigenic Analysis of Fish Viruses with Monoclonal Antibodies
・ Detection and Acquisition of Class-Switch Variants from Human-Human Hybridoma HB4C5, Using Cell Sorter
・ Purification of Monoclonal Antibodies on Hydroxyapatite Column
・ Equipment and Techniques for Animal Cell Cultivation
・ Some Aspects of Scaling-Up Animal Cell Processes
・ Comparison of the Production of Recombinant IL-2 in Stirred Tank and Hollow Fibre Bioreactors under Protein-Free Medium Conditions
・ Effect of Different Fermentation Modes on Product Formation of Recombinant Protein
・ Serum-Free Antibody Production in Different Cell Culture Systems in Respect to Downstream processing
・ High Density Cell Culture in Stirred Tank Perfusion Bioreactors
・ A Large-Scale Animal Cell Culture System
・ Continuous Production of Monoclonal Antibody by Alginate Immobilized Cells in a Medium Containing Divalent Cations
・ Polarity of Epithelium in the Cell Culture System
・ Growth of a Recombinant Chinese Hamster Ovary Cell Line and High Level Expression in Protein Free Medium
・ Expression of Recombinant Human Growth Hormone Gene in Mammalian Cells: Effects of Dual Genetic Elements
・ BPV Mediated Expression of Recombinant Molecules
・ Improvement in Cell Lines for Effective Production of Human Monoclonal Antibodies by Human-Human Hybridomas
・ Enhancement of Immunoglobulin Production of Human-Human Hybridomas by Immunoglobulin Production Stimulating Factors
・ Effect of Some Cytokines on Antibody Productivity of a Murine B-Cell Hybridoma
・ Analysis of Somatic Mutants Which Are Defective in Immunoglobulin Secretion
・ Generation of Mouse-Human Hybridomas Secreting Monoclonal Antibodies Specific to Ricin and Diphtheria Toxin from Peripheral Blood Lymphocytes without Prior Immunization
・ Selection of Materials for Use in Tissue Culture Media : How do We Define “Non-Toxicity”?
・ Biological Safety Testing of Drugs and in vivo Diagnostics Derived from Large-Scale Mammalian Cell Culture
・ Application of Normal Human Epidermal Keratinocytes in Serum-Free Medium as an Alternative to the Draize Ocular Irritating Test
・ Effect of Some Chemicals Related to Foods on the Growth and Enzymes of Animal Cell Lines Cultured in Serum-Free Medium
・ Isolation and Functional Analysis of Murine Suppressor-T Cell Clone
・ Subject Index