Evolutionary Biology of Ostracoda: Its Fundamentals and Applications


Evolutionary Biology of Ostracoda: Its Fundamentals and Applications



オストラコーダ国際会議のプロシーディング。原報として研究者には欠かせない生物進化の研究とともに石油資源の採鉱に重要な役割を果たす。海外提携先:Elsevier B.V.



・ Ostracoda-A historical perspective
・ A taxonomist's view on classification


・ A Recent Dutch microorganism, with the description of Jankeijcythere new genus
・ The North American genus Climacoidea Puri, 1956, and the tribe Campylocytherini
・ Morphological affinities in Ostracoda, misleading and revealing
・ Recent ornate bairdiid Ostracoda : Origin and distribution
・ The Bairdia dynasty review-activities-aspects
・ Some problems associated with the genus Uroleberis
・ Tertiary and Recent species of Miocyprideis from India
・ The genus Stigmatocythere from the Quilon beds of Kerala, India
・ On ostracod biofacies and five new genera in Korean seas
・ On the Recent Aurila species from Japan
・ Function and significance of tubules : Tubulibairdia vs. Microcheilinella
・ The free margin contact structures in some "palaeocopid" ostracods and their bearing on classification


・ The origin of the "Xestoleberis-spot"
・ Geometrical optics of some ostracod eyes
・ The concept of cyclicity of morphogenesis
・ Ontogeny of Bradleya normani shape analysis of landmarks
・ Multivariate analysis of leg morphology of Macrocyprididae
・ A preliminary study on ornamentation and ultrastructure of Mesozoic and Cenozoic Ostracoda in China
・ Ultrastructure of myodocopid shells
・ Carapace sculpture in Amphissites
・ Evolution of Amphicostella from the Middle Devonian in Europe


・ Cytogenetic studies on marine myodocopid Ostracoda : The karyotypes of Gigantocypris dracontovalis and Macrocypridina castanea


・ Morphological and ethological adaptations of Ostracoda to microhabitats in Zostera beds
・ Morphological variations of Cytheromorpha acupunctata in continuous populations at Hamana-ko bay, Japan
・ The ostracod carapace as a hydrochemical source of information at water/sediment interface
・ The impact of organic matter on ostracods from an equatorial deltaic area, the Mahakam delta -- southeastern Kalimantan
・ Variation of Pistocythereis and Keijella species in Gamagyang Bay, south coast of Korea
・ To see and not to be seen: The evolutionaty problems of the Ostracoda Xestoleberididae
・ A preliminary account of the distribution of Ostracoda in Recent reef and reef associated environments in the Pulau Seribu or Thousand Island group, Java Sea
・ Distribution of Recent Ostracoda in Ise and Mikawa bays, Pacific coast of central Japan
・ Preliminary study on the ecology of ostracods from the moat of a coral reef off Sesoko Island,Okinawa, Japan
・ Podocopid ostracods of Brisbane Water, near Sydney, south-eastern Australia
・ Remarks of the benthic Ostracoda on the Tunisian Shelf
・ Relationships between ecological models based on ostracods and foraminifers from Sepetiba Bay (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
・ In search of Cypris and Cythere -- A report of the evolutionary ecological project on limnic Ostracoda from Mondsee (Austria)
・ Living ostracods from the nature reserve "Hoerdter Rheinaue" (Germany)
・ Distribution of the brackish-salt water ostracods in northwestern Qinghai Plateau and its geological significance


・ The Iperk sequence (Plio-Pleistocene) and its ostracod assemblages in the eastern Beaufort Sea
・ Plio-Pleistocene ostracods from the Sogwipo Formation, Cheju Island, Korea
・ Pliocene-Pleistocene palaeoenvironment and fossil ostracod fauna from the southwestern Hokkaido, Japan
・ The evolution of high diversity in the ostracod communities of the Upper Pliocene faunas of St.Erth (Cornwall, England) and northwest France
・ Oligocene to Quaternary ostracods of the central equatorial Pacific
・ Palaeobiogeography and palaeoecology of the Tertiary ostracods of northwestern India with palaeooceanographic remarks
・ One hundred million years of predation on ostracods : The fossil record in Texas
・ Jurassic-Cretaceous non-marine ostracods from Israel and palaeoenvironmental implications
・ Distribution and diversity of nearshore Ostracoda: Environmental control in the early Permian
・ Lower Carboniferous ostracode assemblages from Nova Scotia


・ Deep sea Ostracoda, taxonomy distribution and morphology
・ The anatomy of the ostracod Pelecocythere purii sp. nov. and some features connected with the abyssal mode of life in this and some other deep water forms
・ Mediterranean deep-sea ostracods, the species poorness of the Eastern Basin, as a legacy of an early Holocene anoxic event
・ Pandemic and endemic distribution patterns in Quaternary deep-sea Ostracoda


・ The provincial distribution of shallow-water Indo-Pacific marine Ostracoda : Origins, antiquity,dispersal routes and mechanisms
・ Distribution and dispersal of littoral Pacific Island Ostracoda
・ On the occurrence of Javanella and Saida from the Pliocene of Leizhou Peninsula, Guangdong,China
・ Distribution of modern ostracods in the shelf seas off China
・ Palaeogeography of Tethyan Cretaceous marine ostracods
・ Marine ostracod distributions during the early breakup of southern Gondwanaland
・ Ostracoda of the early Jurassic Tethyan Ocean


・ Geographical isolation in marine species
・ The interspecific relations between three close species of the genus Cythere
・ Speciation completed? in Keijella bisanensis species group
・ Evolution and biogeography of Orionina in the Atlantic, Pacific and Caribbean
・ Polymorphism and speciation : Medoc ostracods at the Eocene/Oligocene boundary (Aquitaine, France)


・ The pathways of morphological evolution of Bythocytheridae
・ The evolution and distribution of cytherettine ostracods
・ Evolutionarily significant polymorphism in marine ostracods
・ Environmentally cued polymorphism of ostracods -- A theoretical and practical approach. A contribution to geology and to the understanding of ostracod evolution
・ Patterns and rates of evolution among Mesozoic Ostracoda
・ Homeomorphy, phylogeny and natural classification : Case studies involving Palaeozoic ostracods
・ Is Neckajatia an ancestor of the platycope ostracodes?


・ Some Quaternary ostracods of the Pannonian Basin, with a review of a few neglectoida
・ Preliminary notes on the Japanese Miocene Ostracoda
・ Marine ostracods of the Upper Miocene of the well Ashtart 1 (Gulf of Gabes, southeastern Tunisia)
・ Depositional paleoecology of Miocene ostracodes in the Monterey Formation, Laguna Hills, southern California, U.S.A.
・ Middle Miocene Ostracoda from northern Iraq
・ Upper Oligocene-Lower Miocene ostracods from the YPF. SCA. ECa. X-1 (El Campamento) borehole, Austral Basin, Argentina
・ Palaeocene non-marine ostracods in China
・ Biostratigraphy of Paleogene non-marine Ostracoda from East China
・ Cretaceous and Palaeogene ostracod biostratigraphy in Xining and Minhe Basins of China
・ The Cretaceous ostracod faunas from the Fuxin Basin, Liaoning Province
・ The biostratigraphy of Cretaceous ostracods from Oman
・ Ostracods from non-marine early Cretaceous sediments of Campos Basin, Brazil
・ Ostracod evolution and depositional characteristics of the Cretaceous Nenjiang Formation in Songliao Basin, China
・ Ostracoda across the Albian/Cenomanian boundary in Cambridgeshire and western Suffolk, eastern England
・ The application of Ostracoda to location of non-marine Jurassic-Cretaceous boundary in Sichuan Basin of China
・ Biostratigraphical scale in the Toarcian of the Paris Basin (France) by means of ostracod associations
・ Ostracod zones and dispersion of Mesozoic fossils in the Scandinavian North Sea area
・ Ostracods from the Mesozoic coal-bearing strata of northern Shaanxi, China
・ Records of the late Carboniferous ostracods from Jingyuan, Gansu, northwestern China